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小編增知識 – 最近玩太多2手主板

因為收集唔同多PCIE槽2手主板既時候,發覺有些主板不能把BIOS Setting記錄下來。於是就開始研究BIOS Battery。


Replacing the Battery
In these cases, you’ll need to replace the CMOS battery. On most computers, it’s a small, silver disc located on the motherboard. The exact type of battery is usually a CR2032 battery – also used in calculators, watches, and other small electronic devices.
The battery is often removable, so it can be pried out and a new battery can be inserted. (Note that you should power off the computer and be careful of static electricity when doing this sort of thing. Follow all the normal precautions for tinkering around inside of your computer.) However, on some computers, the battery may be soldered on, requiring a complete replacement of the motherboard or a repair performed by the manufacturer.

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why does motherboard have battery
“Pulling the CMOS battery” – in other words, removing it and re-inserting it – may also be used as a troubleshooting step on computers that store their BIOS settings in CMOS RAM. For example, if a computer has a BIOS password, removing the CMOS battery and reinserting it will cause the computer to forget the BIOS password and all its other settings. (If the computer stores its password in non-volatile memory, this won’t help – although there’s probably a way to reset it using a jumper on the motherboard.)

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You can also reset the BIOS settings from within the BIOS settings screen, assuming the computer is booting properly and you’re not locked out of the BIOS setup screen with a password. This option may be named “Clear CMOS” or “Reset to Defaults.”
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